Hells Furnace Salsa Recipe

Let me start off with a disclaimer here: every time I make this salsa it comes out a little bit different. This recipe isn’t exact and can change around to suite your preferences. This variation, as title states, is hotter than hell. So, if you are sensitive to heat, you might want to stay away from this one. more “Hells Furnace Salsa Recipe”

Banana Mask for Damaged Oily Hair

My hair is in a constant cycle of breaking that no supply of keratin hair products seems to be able to fix (not that I have ever been overly kind to my hair.) It’s dull, limp and damaged. Not the prettiest image, right? Some research has led me to believe that hair masks may be the solution to all my woes. Or at least these hair related woes more “Banana Mask for Damaged Oily Hair”

Oil Free Coffee Scrub: Try 1

Disclaimer: Did not turn out as planned, notes for fixing in post.

After testing the Mint Ginger Sugar Scrub, my mother decided it was to much like rubbing sand on your face for her. To make up for it I’m making a skin tightening coffee body scrub for her. The recipe will be similar to the last, though you may only want to make how ever much you will use that day as it uses wet coffee grounds as its main and exfoliating ingredient. more “Oil Free Coffee Scrub: Try 1″