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Kamp Kobe

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This is the cow pen I built for raising our beef. I need to make more corral panels to add a couple larger paddocks so we can turn them out and clean but also to grow some fodder right there for them. Getting the tractor in with the last steer was a little dicey because at 1500lbs he wanted to play with it and I was afraid he would get hurt.

I name our cows Inmate #1, #2 ect for book keeping but call them all convict in conversation with them.

Looking to get 2 500lb steers now for next spring butcher.

One load of many, I think there was like 10 or 12 trips from the mill like this with each being 1,000lbs or more. Easily 6 or more cords of wood here. Probably just under $1,000 in screws and corrugated metal for roofing.


The tall posts are all 13' 6" x 6"s. I made it this tall so I can install shade cloth and still have misters and operate the tractor in the pen.


4,000lb scale. Convict took right too it and looked forward to getting weighed every day. The grain is what got him coming in but the garden rake is what hooked him. Each morning when he backed out of the scale he would wait there for me to come around and scratch him with the steel rake. I would spend a good 5 minutes working him over and he would stand with his head down arching into the rake as he got a good scratching.


A window along the feed bunk for feeding without entering the pen.


This was Inmate #1, he finished at 1550lbs and dressed to just under 800lbs packaged meat counting the bone. Yield was very good, he did not grade prime because I had to process him a month or so earlier than I wanted because the heat was too much. He was well through choice though and not far from prime beef. I want to grow prime beef and he was an excellent lesson along that path.

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